Posted by: ejag | February 3, 2010

Sand Blasting: Media Reclamation

With two bags of media on the floor of the booth it’s time to reclaim and reuse it.  Since the plastic booth walls are only laying on the floor it’s a simple matter to lift them, spilling the media onto the floor.A shop vac is used to collect all the media.  It ends up weighing about 100lbs and will barely roll.  Next is straining the media to filter out debris.And we’re ready to go again with (2) 50lbs buckets.  About 30 minutes total.

However, before I blast again, I need to do a better job of seam seal removal.  The residue left over from my previous attempts at removal is proving almost impossible to blast.  At the suggestion of Brad on Jag-Lovers I’m trying a propane torch.  It seems to work fairly well if I basically char the residue.  It then scrapes off reasonably well.  Hopefully well enough to blast.


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